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Innovative PVC Plastic for Living Designed to Fit an Urban Lifestyle

Innovative PVC Plastic for Living Designed to Fit an Urban Lifestyle

In today’s rapid urbanization, housing not only serves as a haven to rest one’s body and mind, but also fulfills a multitude of needs and lifestyles while still being safe and aesthetically pleasing. Plastic has played a significant role since it is a high-quality, sturdy, and durable material with a long-lasting service life. It meets certified safety standards and is reasonable priced.

This issue will introduce you to “PVC,” a common building material for construction and building decoration that makes life more comfortable for urban dwellers.

Artificial Wood Flooring

It is commonly used as a substitute for wood. Constructed with multiple layers of materials spliced together, a vast selection of types is available to meet various needs. Let’s start with the most widely used type: “Laminated flooring.”

  1. Laminated Flooring is made of high-density fiberboard (HDF), making it look like natural wood, but at a lower cost. The surface is covered with a wood-patterned PVC sheet, where the design and color can be customized to your preference.

Layer 1: PVC wear layer
Transparent film with improved strength that protects surfaces from scratches

Layer 2: PVC wood-patterned layer
PVC film with moisture-proof coatings mimics hardwood and keeps moisture from entering the HDF core.

Layer 3: HDF core
The thickest layer, which received compression.

Layer 4: Backer layer
It serves as the base and prevents moisture from migrating upward from the concrete subfloor.

Caution: It is made of wood flour and is susceptible to termites and wetness.

A new generation of PVC artificial wood flooring has been developed to solve this problem.

  1. Vinyl Flooring
  • 4-layer structure similar to laminate flooring
  • Made entirely of PVC material, protecting against termite attacks and eliminating concerns about swollen floors.
  • Flame retardant; can self-extinguish without spreading fire.
  • Highly flexible with a viscous surface, absorbing impact in the case of an accident and soundproofing.

Layer 1: Wear layer

Layer 2: Wood-pattern layer

Layer 3: Rigid core
>>> made from PVC instead of plywood layer

Layer 4: Backer layer

Tips: PVC artificial wood may enlarge or compress depending on the temperature and should be installed in a temperature-appropriate area.

  1. Vinyl Tile SPC (Stone Plastic Composite Flooring)

It has the same structure and materials as vinyl flooring, with the exception of the core, which is composed of calcium carbonate and PVC to improve strength, stiffness and eliminate vinyl deflection issues.


SPC vs. Vinyl Flooring

Core layer (CaCO3 + PVC)
Robust, unbending, non-shrinking
Core layer (PVC)
Flexible, temperature-dependent shrinkage

Tips: Scrubbing with wax should be avoided because the coating on the tile surface may come off. The service life will diminish.

Vinyl doors and windows, rain gutters, and slats

The word “Vinyl” is derived from Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride (uPVC), which gives uPVC excellent rigidity. It is an ideal material resistant to sunlight and rain, making it suitable for door frames, windows, rain gutters, and slats.

What are the advantages of vinyl material?

  • Durability: Vinyl is a highly resistant material to climate variability. It is resistant to ultraviolet rays, salt mist, and rust.
  • Aesthetic appeal and a wide range of color options: uPVC is commonly used in white due to its cleanliness. Now more design technologies offer a diverse selection of colors and wood patterns.
  • Energy saving and noise canceling: uPVC is an excellent heat-resistant material. The amount of heat that flows through is minimal. As a result, it efficiently prevents heat from entering the house on top of reducing external noise.

Care: If there are general dust stains, remove them using a towel dampened with soapy water. Do not use thinner or turpentine to avoid discoloring the vinyl surface.

Did you know?

Vinyl on the market comes in a wide range of qualities and prices. For the safety of residents, you should use products that meet RoHS and LEAD FREE standards as uPVC certifications that do not contain heavy metals.

Wallpaper Decoration

Wallpaper, which many people regard as paper, is, in fact, composed of various materials. It has many names and features depending on the material produced. Vinyl Wallpaper is the most popular one.

  • Made of paper coated with PVC to help prevent moisture and boost appearance. It has both flat and pressed patterns and is also popularly applied to furniture such as tables and cabinets for beauty and scratch protection.
  • PVC Wallpaper is the most popular because it is easy to install. It is versatile, simple to maintain, can be wiped clean with water, and dust doesn’t stick to it.

PVC is all around us and has a wide range of benefits. It is an innovative plastic that improves the quality of life and housing while responding to the urbanization megatrend and expanding customer choices. It’s crucial to select materials that are suited for use and adhere to standards. Because the finest of good living involves not just functionality and aesthetic appeal but also safety. 😊


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