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  1. Environmental standard – Voluntary program

Due to AVC commitment,



AVC activity about environment standard will move to two direction.

  • Perform knowledge sharing on Best Environmental Technique, World Class Production, Measurement Method by European Council of Vinyl Manufacturer and members
  • Setup Environmental Voluntary Task Force
  • Define scope and suitable measurement and report
  • Meeting annually to update and discussion
  1. Safety issue

AVC activity in safety issue consists of 5 ways :

  • Organize Safety Forum annually
  • Execute knowledge sharing among member
  • Analyze case study
  • Gather lesson learn from success stories and best practice and share to our member that can apply as preventive action
  1. Lead replacement – Voluntary program

AVC introduce our council to PVC stabilizer producer and discuss for the collaboration. As a result, four stabilizer producers join as AVC associate member :

  • Adeka Fine Chemical (Thailand)
  • Baelocher (M) Trading and Services
  • Siam Stabilizer and Chemicals
  • Sun Ace KaKoh

AVC set up voluntary program for Lead replacement and have two main activities :

  • Share information on the Sustainability trend of stabilizer for Vinyl industry to PVC converter in every member’s country
  • Support PVC converter on technical issue of Lead replacement to non-Lead system
  1. Plasticizer – Advocacy

Same as Lead replacement issue, AVC introduce our council to PVC plasticizer producer and discuss for the collaboration. Moreover, AVC share experience to setup the Association by Japan Plasticizer Industry Association (JPIA). Subsequently, nine plasticizer producers join as member :

– Thailand

(1) BASF (Thailand)

(2) Continental Petrochemicals

(3) Esso (Thailand)

(4) Evonik

(5) South City Petrochemical

– Indonesia

(6) Petronika

(7) Royal Chemie Indonesia

(8) Sari DayaPlasindo

– Vietnam

(9) LG Vina

  • Setup Thailand Plasticizer Sub-group (TPS)

Activities about plasticizer advocacy in some country are as following :


  • Department of Industrial Work (DIW), Ministry of Industry proposed to control hazardous substance – DEHP from Level 3 (registration and authorization) to Level 4 (prohibit to manufacturing, sell and possession). After coordinated with AVC, DIW acknowledged and kept the existing control level of DEHP as Level 3.
  • Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) proposed to put Phthalate label on the plastic products to notice consumer that this product contains Phthalate. After collaborated with AVC, OCPE acknowledged to control plastic products containing Phthalate only in toys and childcare products instead of labelling on all applications.
  • Thai Green Label (THGL) proposed to prohibit Phthalate in the cable and wood-like plastic product. After coordinated with AVC, THGL acknowledged on the restrict to use Phthalate in specific application, i.e., toys and childcare instead of general PVC products.


  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed House bill to control and prohibit Phthalate in PVC products. After collaborated with AVC, FDA acknowledged to focus on children’s toys, school supplies and childcare articles.
  1. National standard

Objectives of this AVC activity are composed of :

  • To raise product quality and image
  • To be a part of development or revising standard by providing information for technical committee

Activities in some country are as following :


  • Revise PVC resin standard – Voluntary standard


  • Revise PVC resin standard – Mandatory standard


  • Revise PVC pipe for drinking water standard – Mandatory standard
  • AVC is invited as Technical Committee
  • Discuss with PVC pipe converters to develop new and revised standard for :
  • PVC fitting (revised)
  • PVC window (revised)
  • CPVC pipe (new)
  • OPVC pipe (new)
  • PVC profiles for hydroponic system (new)
  1. Eco-label

AVC activities in each country are as following :

Thailand (Green label)

There are three forces to drive AVC activity in Thailand :

  • No PVC pipe criteria due to Anti-PVC policy while PE pipe have the product criteria.
  • Thai Government launched Green Procurement (GP) policy to enforce buying green products.
  • Thai Green Building Institute (TGBI) give credit to green products.

Therefore, AVC coordinated with every stakeholders to :

  • Provide PVC fact and information with global practice.
  • Submit studies or research that are consisted of Assessment of sustainability issues and present status of the environmental management of PVC in Thailand, and Life Cycle Assessment of PVC pipe and fitting in Thailand.

As a result,

  • Approval PVC product is eligible to be a part of Green Label but must notify with the logo “Recyclable, Do not burn”.
  • AVC was invited as a technical committee to develop five product criteria, PVC pipe for drinking water, PVC pipe for general purpose, Plastic fitting, Cable, and Wood-like plastic.
  • AVC can support converters to receive Green label certification, PVC flooring (two companies), and PVC pipe for drinking water (one company, another one will completed in Q4/2017).
  • AVC can promote PVC product as the eco-friendly and safe-to-used products by donating PVC flooring to Rama hospital (Thailand), Thailand Environmental Institute (Thailand), and Salvation Army Nursing Home (Singapore).

Malaysia (SIRIM Eco-labelling)

Because pipe producer would like to promote PVC pipe is Eco-product. AVC provide information to SIRIM for developing product criteria by sharing THGL product criteria for drinking water PVC pipe and research about “Life Cycle Assessment of PVC pipe and fitting in Thailand”.

Philippines (Green Choice)

AVC seminar “Greener PVC” in 2016 was presented about Green Choice.

Vietnam (Vietnam Green label)

AVC introduced the council and share THGL scheme to Vietnam Green label. Vietnam Green label was then introduced to PVC converter via seminar in 2015.

Singapore (Singapore Green label)

AVC introduced the council and share THGL scheme to Singapore Green label. Same as Vietnam, Singapore Green label was then introduced to PVC converter and authority via seminar in 2016.

  1. Seminar

AVC provided Vinyl knowledge to authorities, NGOs and PVC converters via useful seminar as detailed.

seminar 2011-2012

seminar 2013

seminar 2014

seminar 2015

seminar 2016

seminar 2017