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Uses of Vinyl

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Because PVC is versatile plastic, it was most widely used in many application. PVC was used in building material product due to it has low price, has good chemical and biological resistance, easy to install. For example, PVC was used in water supply pipe because corrosion property is better than steel pipe. Moreover, PVC window frame was good appearance, low maintenance and has lower price than wood window frame. In 2013, global PVC consumption is 39.3 million tons. It has forecasted that consumption rate will increase about 3.2 percent per year until 2021.


Pipes, fitting and tubing are the largest application area for PVC. This is because of balance of stiffness, ductility, and resistance to Chlorine in water. Pipe is normally buried or installed inside wall in building, so access and repair of failure is a very important issue to consider. PVC was applied in various types of pipe, for example, water supply pipe, conduit pipe. At this time, water supply system was used PVC pipe up to 66% whereas drainage system was used PVC pipe 75%, roughly. This is because PVC has low cost, low weight and low maintenance. PVC can be easily jointed by solvent cement method or hot welding method, same as PE pipe.



Electrical and Electronic

PVC is utilized in a wide range of electrical and electronic application. PVC’s inherent flame resistance, good dielectric strength, low weight, ease of installation and durability make PVC is the choice for electronic component housing, wire and cable.

PVC was generally used for insulator in wire &cable. It was used because PVC has Chlorine atom that can entrap free radical, therefore, PVC will show fire retardant properties in itself.



Key advantage of PVC is that loss of strength during weathering and environmental attack can be protected by Chlorine. This is important reason why PVC is mostly used for material in building and construction application.

Vinyl siding is generally produced in sheet form. The sheet is often embossed and post-formed into the desired shape. Suitable installation of siding is important to achieve the expected performance, therefore, ASTM has some relevant standard for installation.


Exterior profiles, in the form of window and door, fencing, railing and decking are the most rapid growing PVC application. They are one of the newest PVC application. Because these are innovation area, the standard have been promptly developed.







Moreover, PVC is used in sheet flooring and tile. Vinyl flooring is available in a wide range of design and color, making this is a favorite flooring material retail market.





PVC is used in a range of medical application, for example, blood bags, IV tubing, and medical gloves due to its low cost, good strength and barrier properties. Especially for medical gloves, natural rubber gloves may cause problem for users who have allergic reaction to rubber. This is a main problem in the healthcare industry.

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