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Who we are

Members of the vinyl industry from ASEAN countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam today committed to responsible and sustainable development of the industry across the regional by signing a charter to establish the ASEAN Vinyl Council (AVC) advisory body.

The newly established AVC, aims

  • To make AVC the coordination platform for the Vinyl Industry in ASEAN, with stakeholders acting responsibly towards society and the environment and committing to adhere to best practices.
  • To facilitate clear communications and understanding of Vinyl Industry issues to public, authorities and end users.
  • To present PVC as a solution to challenges posed by global warming and climate change.


Benefits to the environment & community

The advisory body will also encourage future improvements, work with associated industry groups for a better understanding of environmental issues, share knowledge and best practices of innovative environmental control technologies and enhance communications with stakeholders and the general public.

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Mr. Guenther Wilhelm Nadolny, Managing Director, VINYTHAI, the first Chairman of ASEAN Vinyl Council said: “As the region’s vinyl industry continues to make rapid grow in response to a rising global demand, care for the environment, health and safety remain crucial focuses. ASEAN vinyl manufacturers and its partners continually improve their production processes to reduce impact on the environment and local communities. Despite past success, members believe further improvements must be discussed with useful conditions to be created as necessary to achieve sustainable development.”

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Mr. Namsak Choonhajutha, General Manager of ASEAN Vinyl Council, commented: “The Charter covers all processing, logistics and recycling of EDC, VCM and PVC and serves to ensure environmental impacts will be precisely measured, monitored and reduced. We believe collaborative efforts formed by the AVC members will lead to a better environmental management and provide steps towards sustainability that coincides with profitability.”