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Plastics Recycling Show 2015

Plastics Recycling Show (PRS) will feature a pan European exhibition and multiple conference streams designed specifically for the plastics recycling industry. The event will bring together key players from the plastics and recycling sectors in order to learn, network and capitalise on the business opportunities plastic recycling offers.

The event will be held at the Tour & Taxis Venue on the 25th & 26th November in Brussels. Brussels is at the heart of EU legislation on plastics recycling with the new “waste framework directive” being enforced in 2015.

Until recent year’s the plastics recycling industry has had a relatively low profile with more than 50% of plastics in Europe being sent to landfill every year. PRS aims to change this situation and to put more focus on pressing issues within the plastics recycling industry.

PRS will host the Plastics Recyclers Europe’s Working Group meetings which will be open to public.

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